About Barbara Gundle

Barbara Gundle


Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Late Summer — I am seated in my kayak paddling through the cold clear water of Discovery Bay.  I am immersed in this far northern landscape of deep blue green saltwater, misty skies and ever changing clouds.  It’s invigorating and beautiful; I can’t get enough.  I pause often to take photos being careful not to drop my camera, then dig in hard to catch up with my friends.  Occasionally I spot a pale pink sunflower anemone as large as a wheel, or a bald eagle soaring overhead.  While sipping steaming coffee this morning on the beach I saw a pod of killer whales just across the cove; always a thrill.   Mountains rise on all sides; the tide ebbs and flows through this watery maze.  I have come to this island wilderness to challenge my body and recharge my mind, my eye and my soul after a year of loss.  This is my new mantra: sea, sky, clouds.


Barbara Gundle, photographer

I grew up in Kansas City but have spent all my adult life in Portland, Oregon. It was here that I first learned to shoot a 35mm camera and develop and print in a wet darkroom. After college, I became a photojournalist working for a progressive weekly and then a large daily newspaper. Craving but not getting international assignments, I decided to travel the world on my own as a freelancer. This was the best decision I ever made. I have traveled and photographed in over fifty countries, an ongoing adventure that never fails to inspire me. A selection of these images can be found in Journeys.

I offer archivally processed, matted and signed photographs in both black and white and color, sold in limited editions of 200 or fewer.  The vast majority of my photos were shot using either Kodachrome, Tri-X or high speed b/w infrared film, in 35 mm format. Some b/w photos were shot using medium format, with tri-x film. The digital revolution brought rapid and deep change to the world of photography just at the time I thought I had mastered most of my craft. My style of creating images has remained essentially the same, though the technology used to make my images and prints is evolving constantly.

For the last 20 years I have exhibited my work at juried art fairs around the United States. I also work locally and regionally documenting weddings and milestones, as well as shooting portraits for families, artists, businesses and organizations.


Photo of Barbara by Donna Kleinman.