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Golden Triangle, Thailand, February — I have hiked miles on the steamy and hilly jungle trails of northern Thailand near the Burmese border to get to their remote village.  They are shy, but as curious about me as I am about them.  We don’t share the same language, but nonverbal communication will suffice for now.  My eye is drawn to these two young children in their traditional hill tribe dress.  The older girl is only a few years older but fully responsible for her younger sibling during the day nevertheless.  I get down on one knee to see their faces more clearly.  They do not make eye contact.  I smile, bow gently in thanks, then head for the shade.


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Weaver of Silk — Burma

Spirit Houses — Thailand

Weaver of Silk Spirit Houses

Purple Parasol — Burma

Hanoi Vendor — Vietnam

Young Monk — Thailand

Purple Parasol Hanoi Vendor Young Monk

Baby Brother — Cambodia

Young Bather — Burma

Zao Grandmother — Vietnam

Purple Parasol Young Bather Zao Grandmother

Angkor Wat Red Dawn — Cambodia

Fishing at Dawn — Burma

Angkor Wat Red Dawn Fishing at Dawn

Flower Power — Vietnam

Pagoda — Burma

Young Novice — Burma

Flower Power Pagoda Young Novice

Young Boy with Jacket — Burma

Watching, Waiting — Burma

Young Boy with Jacket Watching, Waiting

Shrimpers at Dawn — Burma

Akha Kids — Thailand

Shrimpers at Dawn Akha Kids