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Israel — Exploring the Old City of Jerusalem one brilliant morning, I found an open doorway to the ancient mosque Al-Aqsa.  For Muslims, this is the third most sacred site in the world, and the only one outside Mecca.  It is also a very sacred site for Jews, for underneath the mosque are remnants of King Solomon’s temple.  And it is equally a sacred site for Christians, who believe that the Last Supper, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus took place here.  The women were seated together in a silent circle in the unadorned but elegant room, praying and meditating.  They were completely unaware of my presence.  The scene was lit solely by a shaft of sunlight angling in the open window, creating strong highlights and deep shadows, a challenging image to expose properly.  Letting my eyes adjust to the dark, I wedged my camera against the rough edge of the doorway to steady it, then gently squeezed off a few frames at a slow shutter speed, just guessing the exposure.  Afterward, I seamlessly resumed my walk around the Old City.  I was inspired by the beauty and tranquility of the scene I had just witnessed, though it lasted just a few seconds.


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Luminous — Greece

Painted Hills — Oregon

Peace at Dawn — Greece    

Luminous Painted Hills Peace at Dawn

Sunrise on the Hill — Greece   

Tuscan Dawn — Italy

Sunrise on the Hill Tuscan Dawn

Malheur Refuge— Oregon    

Church Bells — Greece

Malheur Refuge Church Bells

Cycladic — Greece    

Malheur Lake — Oregon   

Cycladic Malheur Lake

Higher Level — Morocco

Women at Prayer — Israel

Higher Level Women at Prayer

Classico — Italy

Costa Brava — Spain

Classico Costa Brava